The Safety of Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are frequently required to assess the health of your teeth. There is, however, a certain amount of debate over the question of the safety of dental x-rays. A dental x ray sugar land exposes you to some amount of radiation that may be perceived as harmful for some. Due to this, we are going to discuss the extent of the safety of dental x-rays.

How much radiation are you exposed to?

Dental x-rays are relatively safe as they do not expose the patient to as much radiation as other medical x-rays do. In other words, these are completely safe as the radiation they expose you to is minimal.

dental x ray sugar land

Experts suggest that we are exposed to greater amounts of cosmic radiation as we are constantly in contact with radioactive elements occurring in nature. However, the necessary precautions must be taken before a dental x-ray.

Efforts to decrease exposure to radiation

In recent years, dentists have made changes and introduced additional precautions to reduce radiation exposure in patients.

·    Decrease of dose: Limiting the x-ray dose is one of the most effective ways to keep radiation levels as low as possible.

·    Faster film: The advancement of technology has reduced the amount of time the x-ray film requires, thereby limiting the exposure of patients to radiation.

·    Lead shields: To avoid scattered radiation, lead lined aprons are used to cover the exposed areas of the patient’s body.

·    Digital radiography: This advancement has provided the benefits of increased diagnostic ability, faster speed, and many others which reduce the overall radiation exposure of the patient.


Dental x-rays have never been safer. The advancement of technology has limited the amount of radiation exposure to a minimum. Additional precautions are also taken to prevent the patient’s contact with scattered radiation. Therefore, you can go ahead and take the dental x-ray without a worry!