Canada; A Land Of Sports Giants

Wouldn’t you think so? But as a Canadian, proudly patriotic as you are, you’re not going to fault this kind of online statement as you view your latest online sport optics Canada shopping list options. Yes, it’s been refreshed already. New products on the line. The year goes by so quickly and the intensity at which you train and race and challenge all others in your wake so often leads to a lot of wear and tear.

Running shoes cannot last longer than six months to a year. That’s to say that you’re in training for most of the year. And you’re lacing up for at least two marathons a year. Expert running coaches say that that’s about the max. No more than two marathons a year. That way you’re able to keep your body and mind in peak condition and whittle away at your PB. Anything else challenging in-between? Yup!

sport optics Canada

A couple of half-marathons. Quite a few five-milers and ten kays thrown in for speed training. One pair of running shoes? No way, Jose. Because you need at least three or four pairs to cover your training requirements and the varying distances at which you’re racing. And then there’s the clothing. You train all year round, right? And you need to keep those muscles and limbs warm. Can’t afford another injury.

So, dress warmly if you please. Most of you are already doing that, particularly those of you who’ll be heading up to the peaks for some skiing and snowboarding. And don’t forget the shades. Sun may have disappeared for a bit, but there’s that glare from the snow. Pick out a nice frame and then head off to your optometrist to sort out the prescription optics. Need to see where you’re going, is all.